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Your Pet's Evolution of Consciousness: A Guide to Supporting Your Animal Companion's Soul Purpose


If you've ever come across Maslow's Hierarchy of Needs or Ken Wilber's Integral Theory, you may be familiar with the concept of ascending consciousness.

But have you ever considered that this notion applies not only to humans but also to our beloved animal companions?

This blog post explores a loose adaptation of these theories to understand the evolution of awareness in pets and how we, as pet parents, can support their soul growth.

Drawing insights from Transpersonal Psychology, energy clearing, animal communication, and soul's journeys, we delve into a unique perspective that emphasizes the holistic well-being of our furry friends.

The Channeled Revelation

One night, while contemplating how to be a better pet parent to my dog, cat, guinea pig, and betta fish, a revelation came to me; I realized that each of them had distinct needs and were at different stages of their evolution.

Unable to contain my excitement, I immediately jotted down my ideas. It was as if I had emerged from a dream when I finished.

The next morning, upon reviewing the pyramid I had created, I was pleasantly surprised to find that it still made perfect sense!

The Keyboard Argument

Coincidentally, that very same night, I engaged in a heated argument on Instagram regarding the treatment of a snake in a video. Expressing my belief that the snake deserved respect for its life, I faced a barrage of insults and encountered individuals who simply viewed the snake as "just an animal." This encounter served as a catalyst for a shift in my perspective, reminding me that not everyone sees animal consciousness in the same way.

I believe there is a way to view animals that can enhance our collective consciousness; that is, reduce suffering in the world and bring more opportunity for wholeness and connection.

The Evolutionary Pyramid

I'd love to introduce you to the "Evolution of Consciousness" pyramid for pets. It highlights the different levels of their awareness and offers insights into how we can assist them on their journey. The pyramid includes the following levels:

Level 0 - "Just an Animal"; Safety, Sleep, Water

At the base of the pyramid lies Level 0, where animals exist purely through their survival instincts. This level encompasses their basic needs for safety, adequate rest, and access to water. Recognizing and fulfilling these fundamental requirements form the foundation of a pet's well-being.

Level 1 - Provide Health; Food, Shelter

Moving up the pyramid, Level 1 emphasizes the importance of providing optimal health for our pets. This involves consistent routines for eating, sleeping, and regular hygiene practices. Offering a comfortable shelter and ensuring they have access to nutritious food and clean water are essential aspects of their overall well-being. While Level 0 can be provided by the animal itself, Level 1 involves the pet-owner's care and consideration.

Level 2 - Orchestrate Happiness; Natural Habitat Exposure, Mental Stimulation, Socialization, Training/Behavior Enhancement, Intentional Play.

Level 2 focuses on orchestrating happiness for our pets. This entails providing opportunities for natural habitat exposure, mental stimulation, socialization with other animals, and training to enhance their behavior. Engaging in intentional play activities allows them to express their innate instincts and maintain a joyful disposition. At this level we are thinking of our pets well-being physically, as well as emotionally and mentally through stimulating activities. This might look like scheduling time in our day to evoke happiness and pleasant experiences to enhance their life.

Level 3 - Seen as Equals; Energy Healing, Psychic Communication, Pet as Teacher, Resonance, Appreciation, 1-on-1 Connection

Level 3 marks a shift in perspective, where pets are seen as equals on their evolutionary journey. This level involves engaging in energy healing practices and establishing psychic communication with our pet companions. Recognizing their role as teachers and appreciating the resonance between their experiences and ours deepens the bond. Nurturing a one-on-one connection fosters mutual understanding and growth. This level goes beyond the physical, and reaches deeper or unseen aspects of our being and theirs. Many owners talk to their pets in endearing tones, or in conversation; this is a Level 3 act.

Level 4 - Spiritual Bond; Lessons, Past-Lives, Higher Selves

Level 4 delves into the spiritual realm of our pets' existence. It involves exploring the lessons they bring into our lives, the potential influence of past lives, and the connection to their higher selves. Recognizing the depth of their spiritual essence and the profound bond we share opens new avenues for growth and understanding. At this level we have an opportunity to expand our heart-center as well as increase our pet's awareness level.

Level 5 - Your Souls Paths

At the pinnacle of the pyramid lies Level 5, representing the convergence of our souls' paths with our pets. This level highlights the interconnectedness and profound purpose of our relationship. It involves aligning our own soul growth with the evolution of our pets, recognizing the reciprocal lessons we lear

n from one another.

Assisting Your Pet's Growth

To actively participate in your pet's evolution, it's essential to approach the relationship with empathy, respect, and heart-to-heart connection. Recognize that all animals, just like humans, are conscious beings on unique soul paths. By honoring this perspective, we contribute to the harmony of the collective and uphold the principles of cause and effect and rhythm.

Acknowledging the Exchange

In our interaction with animals, it's crucial to acknowledge the exchange of energy and life force. As humans, we often consume animals as food, but it's important to remember that nature operates on a rhythm of give and take. Upholding our end of the bargain means offering empathy, respect, and care to animals in return for what they provide us.


Our pets play a significant role in our lives, but it's equally important to recognize that we play a role in their lives as well. By understanding the evolution of consciousness in pets and actively participating in their growth, we create a deeper bond and contribute to the well-being of the animal kingdom as a whole.

If you have questions about this hierarchy or want to learn more about how you can support your pet's evolution, feel free to reach out. I offer Energy Clearing & Channeled Animal Communication sessions to enhance your pet's soul-growth on a soul-level.


Meet Zandra, a Spiritual Life Coach with a unique ability to communicate with animals. Through distance sessions, she clears pets' energy and channels messages for their well-being, including insights on past lives and direct requests from the animals or their guides.

Zandra also supports individuals in their personal journeys, combining intuition, energy work, psychology, and channeling to guide them toward self-discovery and empowerment.

If you're looking to deepen your understanding of your animal companion, and assist them in progressing their consciousness, look here.

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