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Elevate your journey, embrace transformation, and Self-inquiry.

Twilight Sunset

Spiritual-Life Coaching

Begin with personalized one-on-one coaching.

Ready to explore? Book a Discovery Call today.


Chakra Healing + Channeling

Experience a transformative 60-minute Energy Healing session. Clear and balance your Energy Centers from Earth Star to High Crown using crystal healing. Guided by intuitive insights from both your guides and mine, the remote session allows you to relax without video distractions. You get a personalized discussion and recording of our call for further reflection at the end of the session.

Animal Communication + Healing

Enhance your connection with your pet in a 45-minute remote session. Discover what your pet is thinking, address any issues, and deepen your bond—whether it's their birthday, after a trauma, or just to understand them better. Simply provide a picture, and session details will guide you on the booking page.


Enneagram Exploration Package

A two-call journey into your unique personality and motivations. The first call focuses on self-awareness, understanding what makes you tick, and promoting self-honesty. Receive curated materials to determine your Enneagram Type, then we hop on a second call to address questions and the conditioned patterns of your type and how they show up in your life. Uncover profound insights, make informed choices, and navigate a path to personal growth and authenticity. Book now for a one-time payment covering both calls.


Mediumship Session

Use this option if you would like to get clarity around a passed loved one, pet  or person, or to connect with the soul of someone who is causing issues in your life. 

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