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Chakra Healing + Channeling

This is a 60 minute Energy healing session that begins with clearing each of your Energy Centers (chakras), starting with the Earth Star point, working all the way up your High Crown. I will use a crystal healing layout to help balance each chakra, and I will receive information about your healing from your guides and mine. Our session is done remotely, with no videos on so that you can relax and integrate the healing peacefully. 

This session ends with a discussion to help you process the healing. I will call you, and email you a recording of our call.  

When you book this session, you will immediately receive a thorough email with details about your session and how to prep!  :) 

healing for your pet

Animal Communication + Healing

We often care so much about our pet but wish we knew how to make their lives better! 

If you've been wondering what your pet thinks and feels, or what they are trying to say when they look at you, if your pet has been having issues, or perhaps is getting ready to pass on to the other side, these sessions can be incredibly useful to you and your pet. 

Some people even book a session for their pet on their Birthday, after a traumatic event, or just to understand them better and grow closer. 

This session is approximately 45 minutes. It is done remotely so you do not have to be present. 

I will require a picture of your pet, too- but how to prepare and what's needed will be on the next page, before you book the session.


Spiritual Life-Coaching

If you are in a transformative period in your life, and you're truly ready to combine your emotional and mental growth with your spiritual growth, then we may be a fit! In special cases, we combine customized workout design to help your integrate your transformation through your body. 

If you believe we, as humans, are here to heal, grow, and realize our own power, then let's see if we're meant to work together.

I offer a free coaching call to anyone interested. 

Book your FREE call with me, to see if we're a fit,  by clicking on the image. 

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Self Image

In this 5-session package we develop a conscious ego- a new way of being, thinking and moving that is in-line with WHO and WHAT you want to be and create in your life. I gotta be honest, it's one of my favorite coaching packages. 

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