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Going Beyond the Surface-Level of Our Personalities

I recently had a session with a client who was experiencing a repeating pattern in her life that she couldn't quite understand; she felt like she was attracting the same types of people into her life, but didn't know why. During our session, we explored some practical questions, like what she was bringing to the table in her relationships, as well as some deeper, energetic factors that might be at play.

As a spiritual life-coach, I like to stay open to subtle forms of energy and intuitive insights that may come, instead of relying on only purely logical thinking.

In this case, I had a sense that there might be some energy mix-up from her childhood that was affecting her relationships today. As she shared a story from when she was six years old, I saw an image of something playing out and felt like we needed to do an energy healing session.

In the energy healing session that followed, we discovered that an ancestor from many lifetimes ago had been involved in her life to a degree that was confusing her. While this ancestor wasn't attached to her in a malicious way, their energy was influencing her decisions and feelings, leading to a mix-up of her own energy with that of her ancestor's.

Through the healing session, she received new and profound information from the ancestor about why this was happening and what their life had been like.

Once we discussed what had happened in the session, my client was able to make a lot of sense of things that had been happening in her life recently.

The session gave her clarity about why she had been having these experiences, and brought her a sense of peace and understanding. As we discussed the spiritual implications of the healing, she was able to process her emotions and integrate the new information that had come up.

This is what transpersonal crystal healing is all about; We work on matters of the soul and go beyond just the surface-level of the personality that we carry.

Through the use of crystals, channeling, and talk therapy we are able to integrate the energy healing into your awareness and consciousness so you can experience healing on a deeper level.

I always tell my clients that energy healing is like peeling back layers: Each time we lift up a layer of something from the past, new information and potential healing arises.

While some clients may benefit from regular sessions, there is no one-size-fits-all approach. I always recommend tuning in to your own intuition and asking yourself what feels right for you.

Overall, the client's session was a powerful reminder of the interconnectedness of our past, present, and future selves.

Energy work can help us make sense of the patterns in our lives. It's a reminder that healing is possible, even in unconventional ways.

To schedule a distance Transpersonal Energy Healing session, visit the page.


Meet Alexandra, a Spiritual Life Coach who is passionate about helping individuals connect with their soul's purpose. With her unique blend of intuitive abilities, energy work, archetypal psychology, and channeling, Alexandra guides her clients on a journey of self-discovery and empowerment. She believes that healing begins with breaking free from conditioned patterns that no longer serve us, and she is dedicated to helping her clients do just that. Through her coaching, Alexandra helps seekers find meaning and purpose in their lives, while developing their own spiritual gifts. If you're ready to deepen your soul-connection and live a more empowered life, Alexandra is here to assist you.

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I love this story! It seems that energy work can sometimes help make sense of what doesn’t always seem to make sense in one’s life! Having insight into your past would definitely benefit in working on what you want to see for your soul in the future. Thanks for sharing Alexandra!

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