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Inner Gold: Unveiling the Light Within

The concept of "Inner Gold" and the role of a "healer" are two powerful ideas that will most likely be useful to you if you're on a growth and healing journey, or care at all about self-reflection.

Gold & Shadow

Firstly, let's discuss the notion of Inner Gold. It's the idea that each of us harbors unique qualities, gifts, and light that align us with the divine - be it Universe, God, Spirit, Higher Self, our innate wisdom, etc. These terms can be used interchangeably to refer to the same spiritual source.

However, due to past wounds, traumas, or unhealed parts of ourselves, we sometimes fail to see our own Inner Gold. We might admire or even resent people who mirror qualities in us that we haven't fully recognized or embraced (remain in the shadow).

The "shadow" is like a hidden part of ourselves. It contains traits we don't know about or don't want to accept. Sometimes these traits might be seen as negative, like being selfish, or even positive, like being creative, that we've pushed away for some reason.

We might feel resentful towards someone who shows a trait that's in our shadow. This is because they reflect a part of us that we don't want to see or accept. For instance, if someone's bragging annoys us a lot, it might be because we're ignoring our own need for praise, which is part of our shadow. Understanding our shadow helps us know ourselves better and become more authentic.

Think about a person you look up to, someone who guides you and has positively impacted your life. Essentially, they're reflecting back a part of your Inner Gold that you're not yet fully aware of. The appreciation you have for them symbolizes a hidden appreciation for a part of yourself.

The Role of 'Healers'

Now, let's explore the concept of a "healer." Often, we label those who facilitate healing or hold space for others' growth as Healers. But the reality is, everyone is capable of healing themselves; a healer merely supports this process. They provide a conducive environment for self-healing and growth to happen, not by doing the work for you, but by enabling you to do your own healing. Their role includes offering reflections, guidance, new tools, and support as you "do the work".

One key element in the healing journey is understanding that we choose people in our lives, like mentors, coaches, or therapists, because they mirror a part of our Inner Gold.

They represent the best version of ourselves that we might not yet fully understand or embrace.

However, this process can sometimes stir resentment or envy in us towards these individuals. This happens when we perceive that they possess something we lack. But, this sense of deficiency is often a misperception; it's unrecognized Inner Gold. Envy, in this context, is a sign that we've yet to realize that the qualities we admire in others already exist within us.

So, it's essential to self-reflect and ask, "Why do I believe this quality is outside of me when it actually resides within?"

Understanding this dynamic allows us to reframe our envy, recognize our Inner Gold, and embrace ourselves at deeper levels to continue growing.

Understanding the Relationship Between Healer and Seeker

Often, the people we seek guidance from—be it therapists, life coaches, mentors, or spiritual guides—are reflections of our own selves. They represent aspects of our own inner gold that we may not yet be fully aware of or ready to embrace. It's crucial to understand that these guides don't create our potential but instead highlight and nurture what already exists within us. That is, they will do that if they're effective and aren't attached to their role or title, themselves! (Important Note: choosing a facilitator for healing whose ego is not attached to you as "the client" and them as "the healer" is extremely important- choose a practitioner who is hopeful that YOU will recognize your own power and not "need" them.)

When we recognize our Inner Gold, it facilitates growth for ourselves and those around us. This is the transformative alchemy of recognizing and embracing our Inner Gold.

Remember that recognizing our Inner Gold isn't a one-time event; it's an ongoing journey. It's normal to need others to mirror our gold back to us. But with time, we should strive to acknowledge our Inner Gold more frequently.


It's important to reflect on our feelings of admiration or even envy towards others. These emotions often signal unrecognized inner gold.

Ask yourself, how your therapist, "healer", boss, friend, sibling, parent or coach may be holding gold for you-what qualities do you look up to and rely on them for that really are an aspect of yourself?

-Are you comfortable acknowledging this quality in yourself?

-What would embracing this quality look like for you?

-Note your feelings and apprehensions, fears, excitement or inspiration about the prospect.

I hope these insights resonate with you, and I invite you to share your personal experiences and thoughts about how this concept speaks to you. After all, each person's interpretation of their Inner Gold is unique and worth celebrating.


We've explored two main concepts together:

"Inner Gold" - our unique spiritual gifts often overlooked due to past traumas, and the role of a "healer" - not to heal us but to create a space that enables us to heal ourselves.

These ideas can transform our lives, turning envy and resentment into self-realization and growth. Remember, acknowledging our Inner Gold is a lifelong journey of self-discovery and empowerment.


Are you interested in exploring your Inner Gold and embracing your inherent power? As a spiritual life coach, I can help guide you through this transformative journey. I invite you to reach out to me if you feel ready to illuminate the shadows and amplify your power.

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