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Perhaps one of the more complex lessons, but also a favorite! Our soul's recognize what's in our highest and best interest, but do we consciously know it? Learn about the Collective Unconscious, symbols and archetypes, dreams and your Spiritual Gifts. At the end of this exercise, you'll get a clear path for moving forward on your spiritual growth-path. 

After this lesson, you only have 1 more to go! 

Connect with Your Spiritual Purpose

Learning The Soul's Language

 Did you know that symbols are our first language? Not only were humans using symbols to convey ideas and stories long before language, some scientists even believe that we dream in utero-In our mother’s womb we are dreaming, seeing symbols! 


Symbols have a universal, uniform meaning amongst humans, and they’re believed to be the common language of our species. These shared mental concepts are part of “the collective unconscious”


What is the Collective Unconscious?


The collective unconscious refers to the idea that a part of our deepest unconscious mind is genetically inherited-not shaped by personal experience. It’s the reason why a skull represents “death,” why doorway is a transition, or an opportunity, why the color blue is soothing- across cultures. 


The collective unconscious is common to all human beings- we are born with knowledge and imagery encoded in our psyche due to ancestral experience; we may not be aware of all the meanings of symbols consciously, but we can tap into these meanings through our subconscious. 


Psychologist Carl Jung believed that collective unconsciousness is expressed through archetypes. Archetypes are signs, symbols, or patterns of thinking and/or behaving that are inherited from our ancestors. 

The four main archetypes are that of the mother, a rebirth process, spirit, and the trickster.  


The Function of Your Dreams 

Each of our dreams are highly personal so each dream’s interpretation is based on the universal archetypes shared by the human species, as well as knowing the individual’s life, fears, desires, and challenges.


While your body sleeps, the mind diligently delivers a dream. But one dream can have many purposes, like: 

  • Desires not fulfilled in the waking state can be enjoyed in the dream. 

  • Visions of future  (premonition dreams are a spiritual gift that not everyone experiences.)  

  • Spiritually communicating with your Higher Self, energies, and past loved ones.  


Overall, a dream is your subconscious mind communicating a message to your conscious mind. When you request information from a dream, you can learn from your subconscious mind what your Spiritual Gifts are, and use them to add meaning and purpose to your waking and material life. 


Your dreams can reveal limiting beliefs that are standing in the way of your growth, potential physical health issues,  as well as your life purpose. 


Using your dreams to Discover Your Spiritual Gifts & Your Purpose

We all have a purpose, that is not necessarily related to our career. Our life is designed in the spirit world,and we go through a process of incarnation and reincarnation so that we can fulfill our spiritual purpose, as well as learn and overcome important lessons for our soul’s evolution. In spiritual world we plan on what spiritual gifts we’re going to bring to help us pay our karmic debts, and help others grow.


Your dreams are messages about how we are doing on that path of soul-growth, how to continue growing, and about what spiritual gifts you brought to Earth. 


So dream interpreting  can help you align to your Higher Self, and carry out the original plan! 


Everyone Has Spiritual Gifts (at least one!)


Here’s a list of Spiritual Gifts that can be found in your dreams, through certain symbols:

  • Hands-on Healing- spirit or energy moves through your body. 

  • Counseling- you have been through the challenges needed to help others in the same ways, you understand emotional and psychological issues at deep level,  you are meant to reflect back to others where they’re stuck and offer guidance. Clues of this gift are often seen in younger years. 

  • Channeling (7 types)- you can communicate with spirits.

  • Intuitive/Psychic- you have a strong connection to your soul and get information from your Higher Self. You seem to just know things” with no 3rd party involved. 

Other Spiritual Gifts Include: 

  • Prophecy-you can predict the future for yourself and others. 

  • Spiritual Leadership- You empower others to deal with their problems, and help them connect to their own sense of Self, Spirit, and guides. 

Other Spiritual Gifts include: 

  • Psychic Surgery

  • Absent Healing

  • Mental Projection


My Story

It wasn’t until I began taking my dreams seriously that I healed deep wounds, which lead to uncovering my own spiritual gifts. 

Today, I help my clients and others discover their spiritual gifts. This gives us new meaning in our lives, and shines light on the obstacles we weren’t seeing or addressign before in order to own and use those gifts for further healing- for ourselves, and others. 

I’m Inviting You:  

To send me a dream that will show us your Spiritual Gifts! 

Your dreams will usually include an obstacle in the way of uncovering your gift, what the gift is, and a solution for healing the wound or overcoming the obstacle. I can help you interpret your dream for the purpose of understanding this message. 


(keep in mind, it’s common to have more than one gift, but your Higher Self and team will let you know the one(s) you need to know about first, and over time more information will come about others.) 


Step 1: 

Request the dream before bed. Do an energy clearing/grounding exercise before you request the dream. Sit calmly and connect to your heart. Then clearly ask, out-loud or through intention, for a dream tonight that will show you your Spiritual Gifts. 

Second Option: follow steps from above, and set the intention into a glass of water. Hold a small glass of water in both hands and imagine the request  (to get a Spiritual Gifts-dream) being programmed into the water. Once you feel that your intention was strong and set into the water, drink the water before bed, and go to sleep. 


Remember to intend that you will CLEARLY REMEMBER your dream the next morning! 


Step 2: 

First thing in the morning, type out your dream. 

Send it to me in this format:

  • Title the Dream

  • Date the Dream

  • Describe what happened; feelings, where you were, what you saw, colors, details. 



Finding out Spiritual Gifts can lead to a whole path of Self-discovery and personal growth. 

I value your process and look forward to diving into your dream! 

If you want to spend more time here, look into these extra videos, below:

(Otherwise, move on to the next lesson!)

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