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i added an inch in butt circumference in 5 weeks!

...and I’ll show you exactly how I did it.



A 5-week glute training program that shows you step-by-step how to build your glutes so you can have a full, round, strong butt that says KAPOW!

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Let me guess-
Your glutes are strong…


You’re not new to working out, you know how to squat and can deadlift a fair amount. 

You know how to hold your own in a gym, and your protein shaker is faded and scratched from heavy use!


The issue is…

You’re not totally satisfied with your glutes. 

And let's be real-
Some muscles are easier to build than others

You’ve already been working out a year or more.


Have worked with trainers

Follow Instagram experts

Adopted a fitness lifestyle

Know how to count macros


AND you’ve seen your body change 


But still, your butt doesn’t look the way you want it to.

And you’re starting to wonder, “Maybe I’m just not made to have a butt”...

Girls in Jeans

Luckily, having big, strong glutes IS within your reach, even if you don’t have the “genes” for it. 

Stronger Bigger provides step-by-step instructions to show you exactly how
 to grow your glutes into the high, round shape you’ve been wanting.

Grey Limbo

Scrolling through Instagram, you think-
“How did she get a butt like that?! I’ve been doubling my squats for 3 weeks and see NO results!!! 

Indignant young woman sitting on couch i

I guess you were either born with a butt or not...” 

You’ve spent plenty of time in the gym, but you leave feeling like you wasted your time!  


It’s soooo frustrating when programs give you a menu of exercises but do nothing to teach you how to THINK about your workouts, so you find yourself going through the motions of the exercise.

It’s not your fault...

The plans you’ve followed are missing two critical elements:

  • Connecting you to your WHY every session.

  • Teaching you how to connect to your muscles during every rep.

Without that recipe, you won’t have the right long-term mix of intensity and consistency you need to build that bootylicious backside.


Why is it so hard to find a mentor that pushes you, AND shows you a MINDSET that helps you complete the program, feeling MOTIVATED every step of the way?

Thankfully, that frustration can end TODAY.

Fit Confident Girl

Imagine how you will feel when you:

  • Notice your butt muscles growing

  • Feel stronger in all your lifts

  • Are pumped to post your “after” photos on IG

  • Walk confidently in a bathing suit, KNOWING your glutes look amazing

  • Feel like a total BADASS because YOU made it happen!

...AND get all those things without being mean or unloving toward yourself to make it happen!


Strong Bigger will show you exactly how to build your glutes and will remind you to appreciate what your amazing body is capable of.

It’s like having the missing piece of the puzzle that allows you to work harder than you’ve ever worked before AND totally enjoy the process.


This way, you get the body you want, without needing trauma-therapy after. 

Stronger, Bigger.

A 5-week glute training program that shows you step-by-step how to build your glutes so you can have the glorious backside you’ve been wishing for, without all the negative self-talk.

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Here's what you get

✓ Video tutorials in the Guidebook to get you excited and familiar with what to expect before you begin.


A comprehensive guide to walk you step-by-step through the 5-week program so you know exactly what to expect and which exercises to do.


Video demonstrations with explicit explanations and prompts so you never have to wonder if you’re doing it right.


Warm-ups for each workout to get you ready to reduce your risk of injury.

Three progressively building workouts per week for five weeks (15 total) to see results. 


A printer-friendly Workbook to take with you to the gym so you don’t have to go from memory or watch the full videos each and every time.


A gratitude exercise to be completed at the end of each workout to thank your body, linking positive emotions to your hard work.


Motivation and key mantras sprinkled throughout your Workbook so you get the reminders of a coach who cares about your WHY as much as you do. 


AND...a special gift for completing the program and sharing your feedback on social media because...who doesn’t like a gift when they’ve earned it?

Untitled design.png

!And that's just a peek at what's included in your guide and workbook


The thought of yet another “butt” program makes you want to just buy the butt-lifting leggings or padded undies- “I’m DONE with trying to build my butt!”


This isn’t just another generic textbook guide to glutes with the outdated message of “no pain, no gain.” 

And this isn’t a plain program that tells you ONLY what to do, but nothing deeper. 


This is physical transformation as a gateway to personal transformation.


With Stronger Bigger I’ll share my deep respect for the body and teach you to develop a very loving, understanding, and friendly relationship with your body.


Sprinkled throughout you’ll find motivation, tips, quotes, and concepts to help you build a stronger relationship to your body.

Who this is

 and isn't for...

This is for you if...

You're ready to put in the work once and for all to get round lifted glutes! 

You Believe that focused, consistent effort yields results. 

Want to feel stronger in your Deadlift, Squats, and Weightlifting. 

Want a coach to deliver solid training along with meaningful insights along the way. 

You have access to basic gym equipment (bands, dumbbells, bench, barbell, GHD, or something similar). 

You are resourceful and can work around limitations. 

This is NOT for you if... 

You want a "5-day before summer beach body​

You've never lifted weights a day in your life ​


You're looking for a drill sergeant mentality ​

You lack resourcefulness and think that just because you don't have one piece of equipment, you can't do the program. ​

You want an easy-fix to shaping your body ​

88A66CC1-D559-4F52-AC85-97B1D98F31FE 2.j

Hi, I’m Alexandra! 

I’ve been a fitness coach for 9 years. I have worked with mostly women and learned long ago that our physical bodies are intimately tied to our internal sense of confidence and capability. 

I know how physical transformation is a gateway to personal transformation and I want to help you grow the muscles that are important to you, because I understand how it will make you FEEL .


There are so many trainers out there with great programs, but the program doesn’t really matter if you don't feel connected to the coach. 


If you don’t get a sense that your guide understands you, has been where you’ve been, or can even say they have DONE the workout they are prescribing you, you will not feel moved. 


I am here because I have been through this- I have been on the other side of, having “no glutes”, feeling insecure in my body, once thinking that I could not have a body I wanted because I was just “born this way.”


And I’m here to tell you, through example, that you CAN have the body you want. You CAN enjoy the process of working out. And you CAN build more confidence through shaping your body. 


I know what it takes to shape specific muscles and, more importantly, I genuinely care about what that will do for you.

Here's why you

should trust me

In 2011 I had never worked out in my life. I cried in my first warm-up, and dreaded doing workouts. 


Fast forward to today:


• I placed in the top 1% nationally in CrossFit during my 7 years of competition.

• I’ve coached 4,850 hours in one-on-one settings with beginners, advanced athletes, and group classes. 

• I’ve worked with 100’s of clients - some of which never had a workout routine in their life - and led them to a confidence with and understanding of their body so that their lifestyle now includes fitness daily.

• I trained with the best Olympic-level weightlifting coaches, and attended seminars and workshops from world-class Powerlifting coaches to learn the nuances of Bench, Backsquat, and Deadlift. 


• I am CrossFit Level 2 certified, (achieved Red III in the Level Method system) and my heaviest single Deadlift  is 335, while my best 20 rep Backsquat is 205 pounds! 

• And not to go overboard here, but I completed Stronger, Bigger myself and gained a whole inch of circumference for mah BUTT! 

I know what it takes, 

I know what works, 

And I’ve learned from the best.


*looks in the mirror*
“, Becky-I can’t believe that’s MY BUTT!”

My clients feel this good about their results.’s YOUR turn.

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