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Welcome to Zandra Mind...

where Earth + Spirit meet...

If you're interested in merging spirituality with real-life practicality, focusing on aspects like self-discovery, purpose, and daily living (health, career, material goals, etc.), you'll find valuable insights in my emails.

I'd be honored to get to know you. 

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 I found myself feeling lighter and more grounded and almost immediately decided to sign up for 6 months of coaching with her to continue my transformation journey.



I have never met a soul like Zandra but I am glad I have. She is as wise as a tree yet spunky like a fairy. I am 22 years old and her guidance and insights have saved my life. You will not regret booking any session with her and will 100% come back for more. Thank you Zandra for helping people step back into my power. 

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It is your gifts of insight, love and compassion ( to name only a few) - being able to SEE me, as I have always known myself to be, but didn't quite know how to dig "her" out -  way down inside - that has helped change my life.  

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I like that I am able to tell her what I am looking for and she is able to explain to me what she is planning and it’s a win-win. It’s a more personalized approach to working out.

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I’m so lucky to have a trainer that takes a holistic approach to exercise and considers all angles when designing my training. Her philosophy of steady, manageable goals makes me feel like my results are sustainable and not a fad. She’s the best! 



The work I have been doing with my coach has been utterly transformative. Mentally, emotionally and spiritually – so much has been illuminated and I finally feel like I am understanding myself. I am rediscovering my true self, which requires looking back and evaluating the experiences that have shaped my thoughts and actions.

Light and Shadow

"The ego is like a dragon with a jewel in its mouth.

Tame the dragon and the gift is yours."

If you're ready to start this heroic journey, then I am honored to be a guide in your process.

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Forest Path


I'm Alexandra

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