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Welcome to Zandra Mind...

where Earth + Spirit meet...

If you're someone who cares about combining spirituality (connection to Self, Purpose, and "the divine"/Spirit/Universe/God/Higher Power) with practicality and every day living (like physical health, career, material goals, etc)--- then you'll get value from these emails. 

If you are inclined to learn about personal growth and want to own your self-empowerment, I think we'll get along.

I'd be honored to get to know you. 

I'll share ways you can stay energetically, physically,  and emotionally "fit" - in a monthly email.

I'll be real with you.

I'll share my own learning process; messiness and all (!) because I believe authentic sharing reminds us that WE'RE IN THIS TOGETHER!

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Thanks for connecting!

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About me...

It’s time to say “YES” to your soul’s mission.



I'm Alexandra

As a spiritual guide, my mission is to help people own their Self-empowerment while being gentle with, and curious about themselves.

I began my coaching journey as a fitness coach and athlete, managing a gym and competing in CrossFit for nearly a decade. However, I always felt that something was missing - the emotional and mental aspects of people, including myself.

I know firsthand the struggles of mental health and wellness, having battled depression and suicidal ideation for most of my life. I was always a seeker, even as a kid- and saw spirits in my room. But I really didn't understand my gifts, or entertain them as something that could be brought into "everyday" life. 


My big spiritual awakening began when my brother was killed in a motorcycle accident, which opened up the spiritual world to me, and prompted me to look deeper....

Combining my passion for fitness, mental health, and self-care with practical life-solutions, I provide guidance and support for those who seek to heal and grow.


My coaching approach is grounded in spirituality, and I believe that true self-empowerment can only occur when the mind, body, and spirit are aligned.

As an intuitive coach, I bring warmth and compassion to my clients. I have a deep understanding of the human psyche and energy, and am dedicated to helping my clients discover their spiritual gifts, empowering routines, and deeper insights for remembering their True Self. 

The transformative journey with me  is an empowering, collaborative unfolding between my clients and I, and I'm committed to helping them live their best lives.

I love animals and spend my days with my rescue dog Willie, my ride-or-die girl cat Nonie, and my hairless guinea pig who looks like a potato, Petunia (a.k.a "Lunes") and my loving partner Nathan who keeps us feeling extra safe and grounded. 

If you're interested in incorporating energy healing,  discovering your spiritual gifts, learning about your ego and shadow aspects, and becoming a healthier, more in-tuned version of yourself, book a *free* Inner Quest Call.

From there, we can discuss what you're seeking at this point in your life, and if our working together feels right for you.

Not ready to book a free call?

Check if these services speak to you:


a chakra balancing session that ends in an in-depth call for integrating the healing


learn more about your beloved pet companion's soul-path and improve their life



I feel more empowered and in control after our sessions together.

Disco Ball


She is not only very wise and insightful, Zandra walks her talk and is extremely intuitive. So she looks right through me, on ZOOM lol, and she can still see exactly the right questions to Ask me, to help me have a breakthrough!

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It is evident to me that Alexandra can hold immense space for significant healing to occur. 

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I like that I am able to tell her what I am looking for and she is able to explain to me what she is planning and it’s a win-win. It’s a more personalized approach to working out.

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I’m so lucky to have a trainer that takes a holistic approach to exercise and considers all angles when designing my training. Her philosophy of steady, manageable goals makes me feel like my results are sustainable and not a fad. She’s the best! 



The work I have been doing with my coach has been utterly transformative. Mentally, emotionally and spiritually – so much has been illuminated and I finally feel like I am understanding myself. I am rediscovering my true self, which requires looking back and evaluating the experiences that have shaped my thoughts and actions.

Light and Shadow

"The ego is like a dragon with a jewel in its mouth.

Tame the dragon and the gift is yours."

If you're ready to start this heroic journey, then I am honored to be a guide in your process.

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