Solid Self Image (4 sessions)

In 4 Sessions you will know who you need to be to make it happen...

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Solid Self Image is based on Archetypal Psychology/ archetypes, Human Need Psychology, and the science of physiology and neuroplasticity. It is a powerful and effective way to shape your identity in a way that WORKS FOR YOU. We all have areas of our life we struggle in more than others; for some people it might sharing their feelings with your loved one, or showing up consistently to workouts, finances, or even pursuing their dreams and making time for themselves. Whatever it is, this program is a 4-call Package where we meet on zoom and use images, body-language, and words so that you can embody the person you must be to show up to this area of your life successfully. I offer you a 5th bonus session to end our time together. 🙏 Solid Self Image is training for how to be that person, and includes coaching in each call. You will receive your very own digital custom artwork. ➡️THE HISTORY OF THIS PROGRAM: The methods you will experience and know are based on my own personal development in my past when I retrained my mind and changed my identity from suicidal thinking and self-harming, to the person I needed to be to carry on with life, and thrive. I used the exact tools I will give you, and condensed what took me 6 months to integrate, into these 4 sessions. Solid Self Image is my dearest program, because it was the beginning of "Zandra Mind"- my coaching business now. Originally, Zandra was the person I created who taught me how to show up to myself, and eventually guide others in their own transformation story. 💪 I challenge you to take this step, answer this call in YOUR Hero's Journey...

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