Ongoing Coaching (2/ Month+++)

serious planned shadow-work, accountability, and specific perks...

  • 1 hour
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Service Description

Ongoing accountability, Check-ins, and support as you navigate transition in your life. This is a perfect plan for past-clients who "graduated" but want continued, focused work following their plan for growth and Enneagram Assessment. If you know your subtype, then you will have received an outline of your next growth-steps for advancing in "Levels of Awareness." ⭐️2 Calls per month is included in this plan. Clients who subscribe to this option also get: ⭐️ 1 free channeled message per month upon their request by sending in their question ⭐️Ongoing support via email and text is included. Custom workouts can be designed and delivered to you, based on your equipment availability, goals, and lifestyle. Workouts will be delivered via True Coach (you will get free access to this app) where you can check-off your sessions, send video and comments, and your coach will respond daily/ every-other-day. Your custom workouts will be given to you as much as you need or want- with minimum 1 day of pure "rest" (3 days activity is a recommended start or goal for beginners).

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  • Location 1