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In this lesson you'll hear a broad-view about sound energy practices, read about a personal story, and get a few ideas on how to maintain your own energetic hygiene, and maintain your energetic boundaries. 

After doing the exercises, remember to plan time for the next lesson.

Turn Chaos into Calm

How to Maintain Your Energetic Boundaries   

I grew up without any understanding of energy, how it worked, or how I could maintain my energetic body. 

All I knew was that I was a sensitive kid; a teacher in middle school described to my parents how I was different, quiet, kept to myself but when I spoke up in class it was as if I was paying attention to things other kids weren’t; “she’s very pensive, he’d said. I didn’t understand what he meant until much later. One way I understand it now is,  I was a/am “Highly Sensitive Person,” tuned into data that wasn’t as easily viewable with the naked eye, and wired to sense and feel the nuances of energy. 


The truth is, I’ve never been a very “sciency” person (my adjective should give that away). I’ve just “known” because “I know”; what I’ve felt or sensed was enough to make a decision, though may not be based in “logic”. Throughout my life,  I’ve trusted my gut, intuition, and understandings that seemingly came from nowhere without much thought or care to rationalize. 


It wasn’t much later into adulthood that I learned to harness and pay closer attention to the way I received information; the information that we ALL have access to, and that is all around us. 


“"Someone's energy, or the energy of a physical space or a group of people, isn't something you can see or touch—but it's something you sense, feel, and react to."- Tanya Carroll Richardson 


Before we move on, I want to suggest that if you’re someone who needs facts and data to prove something before you dive in or entertain an idea seriously, look into Kirlian Photography, the research conducted by Hal Puthoff, or Lynne McTaggart’s book “The Field.”

How Energy Work Came into My Awareness

“Your energy field is porous.” - I was just beginning sessions with a licensed therapist. I came to her with issues of self-loathing, panic attacks, and difficulty understanding others, myself, and moving forward in life. In one particular session I described how exhausting it felt to be in groups, and carry on with work the next day after a social event. She asked permission to view my energy field and do a short exercise. I said yes. 


My first Energy Exercise was simple: Stand up, and with your arms extended and palms flat as if you were patting a wall, “feel” in front of you, above you, to the sides, and even turn around to “pat” the invisible wall behind you. This is getting a sense for where your energy field begins and ends. Everything inside of that “bubble” I was standing in was mine. Everything outside was not. And “patting the edges” helped me visualize a barrier between others, the world, and myself. 


 That was the first time I had a sense of my own energetic body- and it changed my life.  

I repeated this daily, building the connection to my own energetic boundary. I viewed the bubble as a golden, pink white translucent dome. Some people see it as blue… and it can change colors for any one individual!  


Soon after, I was ready for the next-level of energy-clearing; one that included grounding my energy, and bringing light into each of my energy centers (or Chakras). Mind you, all of this was still very new to me- I had only heard the word “chakra” but given it little attention and secretly scoffed at such “froo-froo” language. 


However, I was open to trying new things. I had been suffering in my mind, emotions, and body for long enough that I was desperate for any solution. Plus, like I mentioned earlier- If I feel the impact in my personal experience, that’s all I need to know that it’s working.

That was the case with the next-step of energy clearing.


Before doing the energy clearing ritual I would be feeling tense, agitated, tired, overwhelmed or confused- 5 minutes later, as I finished the process, I felt revived, lighter, relieved and relaxed. 


It was simple, short, effective:

I saw myself in the bubble.

Standing or sitting tall, I would imagine my feet growing roots, down into the ground. I would see the roots reaching at first only 6 feet below me. It was all I could see in my mind’s eye. But eventually I could sense and see the roots reaching deeper, to where finally they touched the Earth’s core and connected there.  


  • Then I would sense my crown-right over my head, and invite white light from above, down into my forehead where it illuminated the area of my 3rd eye. 

  • I’d see the light expand at my third eye, then bring it down to my throat. 

  • At the throat center I saw the white light expand, and I breathed it in before moving on, to my heart. 

  • The light sat at the heart-center. 

  • The solar plexus below my ribs.

  • The sacral center two finger-widths below my belly button…all the while I inhaled as I brought light in and finally I saw the light pool and expand at my Root center. 

  • The Root center is located at the base of your spine. 


In the beginning, it helped me very much to hold my hand over each of these 7 areas as I built familiarity. 


It would still be a year of doing this daily ritual before I would see and feel my own Energy Centers somatically. That led to the next “shift” or opening of my energetic awareness. 


Today, I coach people who want to build-up their own energetic hygiene and reconnect with Spirit. I always recommend someone start with a simple way of grounding themselves, and bringing white light in. 

We carry so much baggage energetically from the outside world, others, our past traumas, and more- but it’s not common knowledge to clear our energy in the same way we brush our teeth or wash our face.


 If every person did sense and protect their energetic boundary, their energy centers, or where they’re storing trauma in their energetic body, the world would be a much kinder, gentler, compassionate place to live. 


If you want to introduce a short, basic energetic grounding and clearing practice of your own, then try the two exercises I described above: 

“The Bubble” and “Grounded, White Light”.

Do one or both of those, daily, for 14 days in a row. 


If you’re a sensitive, HSP, intuitive, or easily drained person who regularly gives a lot of yourself- you will benefit from doing it each morning, night, and even before or after social gatherings, being out in public, or talking with someone.

If you feel drained, both of those exercises will offer relief, release, and replenish your energy. 

Or, follow any of these short guided practices, daily 

3 min. Grounding

5 min Daily White Light

7 min Release Negative Energy

15 min Chakra Activation

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