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Building a Body Practice -Course

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✨BBP is a PERSONAL investment for someone who truly wants to know their body, change their life, and STOP the battle with inconsistency to their SELF, their GOALS, their HEALTH, and their BODY. BBP has 2 INVESTMENT OPTIONS: OPTION ❶: Pay 💲789 up-front at checkout and save $107. This is the best option to save money, and take care of your enrollment all at once! OPTION ❷: Pay in 4 installments of 💲224. The first payment is due at checkout, and the other 3 are automatically withdrawn a month apart. This is a good option if you need to break the investment into more manageable pieces. 🙏🏼 I look forward to guiding you through this journey, and seeing you grow. 👇🏽 Tap "Join" to get started!

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3 Plans Available, From $112.78/month

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BBP Queens

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