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Yoga Friends


(without burnout) 

while still leaving room
for life’s ups-and-downs


Clients come to me saying stuff like,

“For the amount of pressure I put on myself to work out, it’s still really hard for me to show up consistently.”

-Can you relate? 

Lazy Morning

The truth is, they aren't lazy-

but they are having a hard time showing up to their workouts and they want to know why. 


Maybe you are like them- you care about health, and have made some changes in your life to be more balanced and in-tune with your needs. You’re changing and evolving a lot lately, but for some reason something isn’t quite clicking. 

You may have tried different programs and workout routines, or even had a personal trainer, but you’re still not where you want to be with your body. You contemplated purchasing some gym equipment- new weights, even a new Yoga mat last year,PLUS you went on a Fabletics shopping spree for new cute leggings and sport bras... but you recently had another “fall-out” with your fitness motivation- it all went to shit.💩

Plus Size Model

And now you’re feeling disgusted and frustrated, thinking will I ever stay motivated long enough to see real results?”



All this time you’ve been trying so hard to show up to workouts, and you might have been successful for 3 weeks, but why does the routine always fall off? 


What’s the matter with me, why can’t I just do my workouts?! 


Our society emphasizes quickly obtaining “a look” via workouts, but there’s no guidance on how to achieve the lasting relationship to the body you need FIRST to get that look!

Most of the messages you see are about changing your body to “look better,”  but FAIL to focus on what’s already good. 

And if you've never been taught how to have a kind and loving relationship with your body, you may not know how to hear its messages for what it needs.

Sign me up!

Most people know that they should workout, but think about it... Have you ever been taught that...


Because a happy body is a healthy body, which looks good! 

Shadow on the Wall

Has anyone shown you how to listen to the answers from your body about what it needs? 

Do you have ready-to-use resources for getting motivated?

Probably not!


And have you ever learned the tools and tricks to train the habits that will sustain you in your fitness lifestyle? 

Are you with me, saying NO?


What you need is a SUSTAINABLE philosophy and principles that guide you day-to-day versus all-push all the time.

The POSITIVE relationship between you and your body has to come first.  And to do that, you need tools to help you build a sustainable habit.

What's been missing is EXACTLY how to do that.

Pink Flowers

What if…over the last 5 years you had been consistent with showing up to your body practice?

What if lifting weights, hikes, runs, pilates, yoga, stretching- all of the forms of fitness and showing up to yourself in general you’ve been craving- actually happened over the course of those 5 years?


Where would you be today? 


How would you feel today if 5 years ago you knew everything you needed to make your dreams to be loyal to YOURSELF come true? 


Would the consistent version of yourself have a better life, more energy, and more confidence than the not-so-consistent version?

You bet!


Now bring yourself back to the present. 

What if, starting today, you learned more about how to show up to your body than you ever have? And in a couple months you were just one of those people who easily says, “I do something kind for my body every day because it’s just who I am, and what I love.” 

What if it could really be that easy?

Pink Sky


•Feeling  energized every day.  

•Looking in the mirror lovingly instead of critically. 

•Feeling free to express yourself in your body, naked, in sweats and a baggy shirt, or in that hot little black dress you love but never wear anymore… 

Summer Collage

You may not be into thong bikinis, but what if you felt so confident, you didn't feel like you *HAVE* to cover up?

All of this is possible!
You just need a foundation
on which to build your body practice! (and build other self-loyalty habits)




Warm Up on the Beach

“That was fuckin brilliant!!

Seeing it as a meeting with myself instead of a “workout” really speaks to me.

Thank you for this.”

Building a Body Practice starts with the foundational lessons you were never taught.
Screen Shot 2022-01-27 at 8.48.44 AM.png

The book, group class, and video modules teach you how to think of your body differently, and how to listen to its needs. 

It’s a philosophy and guide for showing up to your body in a way that’s balanced, sustainable, and enjoyable.

Most of all, BBP is the loving way to build our bodies that no one ever showed you. 

Screen Shot 2022-01-27 at 8.48.33 AM.png
100% 9.jpg
100% 4.jpg
100% 14.jpg

Here's What's Included: 

  • A, 85 page handbook that’s yours to keep forever. 

  • A thorough chapter before each of the 6 lesson reflections, plus areas to take notes so you can record your learning as you go. 

  • Inspiring quotes trickled throughout to help you integrate the BBP philosophy.

  • Each lesson covers a crucial foundation for becoming loyal to yourself and your body.

These are the Video Lesson topics:

  1. How to think of your body in a healthy positive way. 

  2. How to use a planner to stick to your promises to SELF.

  3. Tricks to self-motivate so you can show up to your workouts like you said you would! 

  4. How to envision and imagine your goals so you feel excited to do your workouts,

  5. Changing the way you've thought about "doing your best" so you don't beat yourself up when you're not "Superwoman", juggling it all...

  6. How to actually CONSTRUCT your own workouts! 

  • Six, Thirty-minute video lessons to cover the chapters in your workbook so you can listen to the audio while you drive, clean, or lay in bed at night.

  • You will have access to these videos forever, so you can feel guided and reminded anytime you choose. 

Screen Shot 2022-01-30 at 11.16.37 AM.png
Person Participating in Video Call
  • Six LIVE classes, bi-weekly, on Zoom so you can ask questions, share your learning, and connect with fellow women who are enrolled with you in BBP. 

  • In these live classes we will build friendships, tell stories, and connect as a group so you will be supported and held accountable. 

  • A special gift to start you on your journey and set your intention with your body (I know how inspiring this will feel, plus if you love crystals, pretty things, and simple beauty then you’ll swoon over this gift) ✨

  • A Mystery Bonus Exercise at the end of the program as a reward to you, and the group. 🤫

  • Access to a custom playlist on YouTube, only shared with the students of BBP, so you can easily do follow-along workouts without spending hours searching on your own for You-Tube videos. ⏯

  • A NEW guided meditation audio for each week in your course, and connect you to the centers in your body. (that's 6 guided meditations that are specifically for building trust, confidence, and love with your body) 🧘🏽‍♀️

  • Access to my personal workout (cool-down, and warm up) music playlists on Spotify so you have ready-to-go motivation, without creating a playlist of your own one song at a time. I’ve been building these playlists for ten years and use them daily for my own work, workout, and work-in motivation. Music is one of the most powerful tools for changing your emotions. 🎧

  • A welcome box filled with EXTRA gifts + useful tools in your BBP journey 🎁 💝

  • And of course... your BBP HANDBOOK! 📖

Pink Sky

You think you have seen something like this offered by a nutrition coach or influencer....


BBP teaches you HOW TO HAVE A HEALTHY RELATIONSHIP TO YOUR BODY, before trying to change the way it looks. 

One of the most common things coaches out there want to teach is how to eat differently to gain muscle, or lose weight, or both. 

BBP is not another set of rules for macro-counting, dieting, food-logging or body-shaming in disguise.

 It is a way of nurturing yourself, and relating to your body in a way that is gentle, easy to understand, and for once will give you the foundation for physical well-being you never had before. 

Let’s be real- you’re tired of working hard to CHANGE YOUR BODY. 

What if I told you that this program is about radical acceptance, first? 

Because when you treat your body with kindness, it will return kindness to you.


Oh and BY THE WAY... this isn’t just a flowery “love yourself and manifest your dreams through wishes" workshop- NO! INSTEAD- I will give you tools that work so you can regularly “show up” to your body and at the end, have a HABIT that feels ENJOYABLE. 

For once, this is a program that focuses on the internal benefits of knowing and caring for your body and building loyalty to yourself rather than chasing the external outcome of “fat-loss” or “muscle gain” or any other cookie-cutter body standard. 

🆇 You want quick results and will do anything to get the body you want, even if it hurts you, starves you, or sends you into adrenal fatigue. 

🆇 You like drill-sergeant coaches who tell you what to do and treat you like their little soldier, with no feelings of your own. 

🆇 You think that rest days are a sign of weakness. 

🆇 You think crystals have no impact whatsoever on a body (even though we are electrical beings, and Quartz watches prove that crystal-use is legit)

🆇 You snicker at the phrase “Be kind to your body” because you think that sounds dumb. 

🆇 You sneer at people who say things like, “Thank your body” because they’re lame tree-huggers. 

🆇 You expect a program to do all the work for you- all you have to do is pay money to get your results. 

🆇 You avoid consistency and habits, and rely on quick fixes to change your reality. 

🆇 You think the only way to have a badass body is to workout really hard, 6 days a week. 🙄

🆇 You believe confidence comes from how your body looks.

✅ You are tired of a hard, masculine way of doing everything. 

✅ You’re curious to know a softer way of working out, one that leaves room for your body’s fluctuations. 

✅ You workout so hard but then your body hurts and you’re wondering if there’s a better way.

✅ You’ve tried different diets and workout programs, but never thought about the deeper connection or relationship to your body. 

✅ It’s starting to make sense why those diets and workout programs never “stuck”- because your relationship to your body was never addressed, and it’s never changed (until now)

✅ You are a believer in “what I do consistently over time will yield results,” for better or for worse!

✅ You are open to the idea of using crystals as tools to heal and strengthen energy centers in your body. 

✅ You are open to the habit of a daily breathing exercise, or daily meditation to train your nervous system to relax and heal.   

✅ You don’t love the hard-core workouts as much as you used to, but you’re thinking, “so now what?”

✅ You would appreciate a coach or mentor who not only understands you, but has been where you are and walks their talk. 

✅ You know that it’s time for a change and you’re willing to “answer the call”

✅ You're ready to ditch the workout and diet plans that don't work and try something new.

✅ You like the coach or mentor who is gentle AND firm, but not too much of one. 

This IS NOT for you if:

This IS for you if:

White Sand and Stone

The best thing someone ever said to me was:
I like how as a coach you’re gentle on the outside, but firm on the inside with your values and what you teach.”


I'm Alexandra!

Do you mind if I share a little bit about myself?


I was a very unfit, and “lazy” person for most of my life....

I didn’t like to workout, and in fact avoided it because I even felt embarrassed. Heck, I went to an Art high-school that didn’t even HAVE sports! 

In my mid-twenties I worked out for the first time and at my first CrossFit class a woman wrote about me in a blog and said “she’s the type of girly girl who’s never grass-stained her jeans”- I guess you could say I was not known for my athleticism. 😏

That all changed in 2011 when I joined my first gym, and by 2012 I began coaching CrossFit, and holding secret squat seminars at the park, without the owner of my gym knowing 😂.


By 2013 I was a full-time coach and by 2020 I had managed a gym, and trained competitively for 7 years. 







In that time, I learned the ways to stick to a lifestyle of fitness through my competitive career- but do you know what I didn’t learn until much, MUCH later? ...

How to show up to my body from a loving place; from a place of respect and honoring my body. 

THAT  lesson came the hard way. 

After all my years of hard training, and forcing myself to stick to the plan *despite what my body was asking*, my adrenals were badly messed up, I was gaining excess body fat because of it, and I was out-of-touch with my body. 


When my brother died in 2019, I vowed to do things differently- to honor the bodybuilder that he was, and to honor my body. 2019 and 2020 were the best competition years of my life. 



Later in 2020 I “retired” from competing, and began to teach a philosophy of working out that I knew the world badly needed (and still needs): 

How to workout in a consistent way that leaves room for the ups-and downs of life, without feeling guilty about not being a robot who follows a one-size fits all plan when it comes to workouts or diet.

I invite you to join me in this program...

 I promise you will learn tools and principles that will change your life, because they will change how you view your body, and give you permission to be loyal to yourself from a place of love. 

Screen Shot 2022-08-04 at 1.25.58 PM.png
Screen Shot 2022-08-04 at 1.26.14 PM.png
Screen Shot 2022-08-04 at 1.40.38 PM.png

“" I feel motivated after our calls.

It's like they provide clarity and direction, and they give me a plan.

Plus we made my workouts and I can look at it and say- This is what I'm going to do. And it doesn’t seem like a lot!It actually seems like a lot less than what was in my head all this time. It's SO SMALL and so simple!”"

-BBP Graduate


I successfully built and grew 


a community of women

 called “The Barbelles” at my gym for 7 years where friendships were built, and we learned a softer way to be with ourselves. Those women stay connected today because the bonding and encouragement is badly needed amongst women especially. BBP offers that. 

Through the philosophy in this course and natural remedies I successfully 


Healed my adrenals

that were in the highest stage of adrenal fatigue. Like I said, I learned the hard way and I can save you from those hard lessons. 

I’ve guided and coached women who were in search of answers when it came to their fitness and body. To this day, my students


confidently use the tools

that they were given in this course. 

My 10 year experience as a coach and athlete gave me 


 into the human body, and what motivates people most. In those years I observed which clients were successful and who saw the best progress, and why. 


I cultivated the best recipe for consistency in workouts through my 


 as a competitive athlete (I will share the secret tools with you in BBP). And not only was I consistent I managed to get to a place where I showed up every day, and loved my training (and still do).


I used to force myself to show up to workouts,  but it wasn’t until I started to love my body and respect it (like I’ll teach you how to do) that I began to



“She is not only very wise and insightful, Zandra walks her talk and is extremely intuitive. So she looks right through me, on ZOOM lol, and she can still see exactly the right questions to ask me, to help me have a breakthrough!” 

- Kathleen

Pink Sky

This Month When You Join BBP...


 You’ll experience a fitness lifestyle that fits your pace of life, and your emotional needs FIRST.

You’ll look in the mirror and see your body with new eyes. You’ll begin to love your body because Consistency is easy when it comes from a place of love rather than “not enough.”

 All of the philosophies in Building a Body Practice will be covered in various learning modalities so that you can absorb the concepts in YOUR best learning style. Through this experiential learning you will be able to make Consistency part of who you are, not just something you try to do or theorize.


You won’t feel alone. You’ll benefit from supportive live classes on zoom. You will grow with a community of like-minded women, and get direct teaching from a professional body-worker who can guide you through all the challenges that will come with your Transformation.

You will break free from those limiting beliefs that have kept you stuck, frustrated with your body, and unable to see progress. Your new beliefs will support you in achieving what was impossible, a long, long time ago…


You will get a welcome box sent to you with tools for changing your emotional state, so you can  FEEL motivated to workout when you want to! The practical tools and training you receive are based  on the science of Neuroplasticity and behaviorism’s Association Theory- both phenomena that most people do not use to their advantage when creating a new habit- but I’ll teach you how they work, and how to use them.


You’ll also get a special secret gift as a token of my appreciation for you, but it also represents your transformation journey. You’ll be reminded of your intention, and feel inspired every time you see it (and wear it ;)).

You’ll end your program empowered, with a deeper love for yourself and your body.

You will have Confidence knowing you have the foundation built, and the tools necessary for being consistent with your fitness so you don’t have to depend on someone, or a gym membership, to own that healthy, balanced lifestyle you’ve been waiting for. It feels DAMN GOOD to know you can be consistent on your own.


Stop putting everyone and everything else before your needs and before the relationship to your precious body.

My friend, let nothing stop you.




What exactly is this program?

What are the dates and times we'll meet on zoom?

This is a 3 month program where you will meet every-other week with your mentor and group to discuss the lessons in your Building A Body Practice workbook and videos. Each lesson will teach a new concept about how to show up to your body so you can be consistent without forcing or fall-off. The program includes resources for you to follow-along for daily workouts, as well as instruction and guidelines on how you can design your own workouts using the equipment (or none) that you already have at your disposal. Most of all, BBP is a NEW way for women to connect to their body, and build Self-Loyalty by expelling the old ways our culture told us to relate to ourselves and our body.

Each live class is 90 minutes on Sunday. Course Schedule Listed Below: -August 28th @ 8am Pacific Time is first class - September 11th @ 8am Pacific Time  - September 25th @ 8am Pacific Time  - October 9th @ 8am Pacific Time - October 23rd @ 8am Pacific Time - November 6th @ 8am Pacific Time - November 20th @ 8am Pacific Time is last class ​

What is the investment cost if I were to sign up?

You get everything in BBP (the course material, the welcome box with gifts + your handbook, weekly guided meditations, and group engagement with my ongoing support) for $789 if paid up-front.  If you need to make payments on that amount, that is also an option! You can see Price Plans for BBP now, or you can continue on this FAQ page to learn more.

Will you give me daily workouts that I can do at home?

Yes and no- I will share a solid playlist with you on YouTube that includes all kinds of styles of workouts from professional instructors (some of which I’ve recorded myself so you can follow along for a simple workout that anyone can do). I will also give you the rules and guidelines for how you can construct your own workout- by the end of BBP will you have the tools and knowledge for building your own workouts, and resources for following instructors for your Body Practice.

How will I know if I'm getting something out of BBP (how will I know it's working?)

when you notice you are kinder to yourself, when you have been implementing the tools given to you, and putting the philosophy to practice rather than just keeping it in your head. When you truly adopt the lessons you learned  into your lifestyle, rather than keeping them in your head, you’ll know it’s working because you will be able to show up to your body CONSISTENTLY… and when this is done in a gentle way, you will not be tired- but ENERGIZED and excited to show up to your body. That's how you'll know it works.

Can I make payments?

YES! If you would rather not pay $789 upfront, you can make payments. Each payment is $224, the first payment will be at checkout, the other 3 will be on the same day the following 3 months. (You save over $100 if you pay in full.) You can select your payment option by clicking any button on the BBP page.

How long will it take me to read each chapter and do the assignment with it in my workbook?

Each chapter will take roughly 30 minutes to read, on average. The assignment will take as long as you wish, depending on how reflective they inspire you to become. But my guess is 20 minutes on average. In total, to read the chapter, and do the assignment, it might take you 50 minutes / less than an hour (and that’s only per week!)

How long is each video lecture?

Video lectures range from 30 to 45 minutes on average. In total you will get nearly 3 hours of video lectures that you can watch anytime.

What if I can't make one of the live meeting times on Zoom? Can I get the recording?

If you miss a meeting then you miss out on organic conversations and learning that come with each live meeting if you miss the class. I will not share the recordings as I believe missing the live interaction with your group will not preserve the value of the discussion for you when done live.  Block out the meeting times on your calendar and you won’t regret it!

What if I want to do BBP, but not right now?

While there may be other class-times to join, it could be 6 months away, or longer! I do not have a set date for my next class. Besides, do you really want to put off your body, yet again, for another half-a-year, or more? If you’re reading this, THIS is your time!

Can I make payments?

YES! If you would rather not pay $789 upfront, you can make payments. Each payment is $224, the first payment will be at checkout, the other 3 will be on the same day the following 3 months.
You save over $100 if you pay in full.)

You can select your payment option HERE

When I graduate from BBP, what if I don’t feel ready and need more guidance?

It’s normal to feel a little “scared on your own” after a program like BBP which truly hands you your own power back, and enables you to set out on your own. However, as someone who works with my own coaches, spiritual director and coach, I am a true believer in having mentors in your corner that you can turn to. I do offer one-on-one coaching if you’d like to continue our relationship together, and if that is something you want to know about, you can go HERE.



When you Sign-Up


Sketched Arrow

-A recorded guided meditation for daily energy-cleansing to start your day (it will only be 5 minutes long so you can definitely start your day empowered).  


-Six journal prompts for rewiring your brain and consciously shaping your identity BEFORE your BBP class even starts! The journal prompts will be emailed to you as soon as you sign up, as long as it's before 8/20.


-A short and easy guide to help you release trauma in your Earth-Star, Root, and Sacral Chakras which are all related to the relationship with your body. This guide will include crystals to help you ground and balance the energy in your body so the BBP material is more easily absorbed. 


+ THE FIRST 3 STUDENTS TO SIGN UP FOR BBP WILL GET A FREE ENERGY HEALING SESSION WITH ME (value: $67) Your 100% discount code will be emailed to you if you're in the first 3! 

Golden Chakra
Pencil and notepad
Golden Crystals
Black Mini Dress

“Today I whipped out my sexy little black dress from the back of my closet... I can't believe how confident I feel after a few short weeks!”

- BBP Graduates say this kind of stuff to me all the time. 

Beautiful woman, NOW it's your turn. 


Invest in yourself now, and start your NEW chapter.

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