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Create Your 2023 Vision Board

Class is 2 hours, on zoom, only $23

Limited spots available- register now so you can create a beautiful motivational tool for your goals and intentions!


• Create a free online account at


• Join this class from your desktop or laptop (not a phone).

• As long as you have a SLIGHT idea of what you want to accomplish, create, and feel in 2023, then from there all you need is a free online account at before joining this class.



Once in class, you will be lead on how to envision your goals clearly. Next, I will teach you how to build a beautiful and inspiring vision board that you can choose to print or take anywhere with you, digitally. Without vision, there is no purpose behind our tasks. Building your Vision Board will help direct your actions so they align to your dreams for 2023 and beyond.

What's Included: 


You'll be guided through a visualization exercise to connect with your vision and desire for the New Year.

Life Areas

A discussion on the areas of your life that are most meaningful to you, and how to choose goals to focus on.

Digital Board

Step-by-step instruction on how to create your very own vision board online that will reflect your personality, style, and goals back to you


Support from the group, plus  new perspective on goals and how to achieve them, plus a completed visual tool that's yours to keep forever- YOUR VISION BOARD! 

A vision board is a guiding compass that uses the psychology of symbolism- how symbols and images impact the psyche.

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